Here we go.

So! Starting on my second blog, as it won’t fit in well with my first. I’m going to focus a bit more on my health and my weight loss journey. This blog will be full of my fitspo, progress, recipes and whatever else I feel like posting. I’m excited.

Currently, I’m 185lbs (again) with a 36in waist at 5’4″. I have gained a great deal of weight over the past year–jumping up from 142lbs with a 28in waist to what I am now. I was far more active last year. I was running about an hour and a half to two hours every day and eating around 1400 calories a day. I wasn’t that great at putting weight lifting into my exercise routine, so I’m going to do that now.

Anyway, my current routine is going to include running, shadowboxing, practice on my heavy bag and Thai pads, weight lifting, cycling, and the occasional Insanity/P90x video. I feel like this will be a far more well-rounded routine compared to what I normally do (only running) and will give the results that I want.

I don’t have any particular weight goal. I would like to be around the 130 range, but if I look good at a higher or lower weight, I’m game.

Physically, I would like to run three miles regularly at a range of 8-9 minutes per mile. A crazy goal for me to look at now, but I feel like I’ll get down there with hard work. I would like to have more fluidity with my Krav Maga and fighting routines. I also would like to strengthen and define my arm, stomach and leg muscles. I have had knee problems for many years, as my knees naturally turn outwards. My muscles around my knees are quite weak, so I would like to build them up and give myself I better feeling of security when I am exercising and doing outdoor activities. Basically, I don’t want to chance anymore dislocations. They hurt and they suck. I would also like to do a pull up without assistance. Not once in my entire life–even when I did track and field–have I been able to do a pull up. Damnit, this will happen. There is no way I am going any longer without being able to do pull ups properly. Aaaaaaand, I would like my waist in the mid 20 inch range. I was almost there before, so I know I can do it again.

This was taken on a trip about two week ago. My face is much rounder than it used to be.

Now for the embarrassing part. I know I’m fat right now. It’s not very pleasant. So, I’m going to be honest with myself with these pictures so I can really see how I’m progressing.

Hahahahaha…I have a belly. >_<

My arms are somewhat shown. They’re very flabby. I have a bit of muscle underneath, though. I’m hoping with my weight loss that my muscle be visible because I am in love with how my biceps feel. I can also see my back fat, which I was very happy about losing before and will be very happy about losing again.  The front view is what I’m very unhappy about. I will lose that fat, damnit. I would be happy with a more defined waistline too. :/

To be honest, though. I’m glad that I’m starting this now instead of waiting until I hit the 200lbs mark. Hahaha! I think I look so funny now. Whatever, I’ll get where I want to be eventually. I honestly don’t feel like I’m fat, as I’m moderately active. Looking at my body now, though, I can see that I am very much overweight. It’s interesting.

So here’s to day one of my weight loss and getting fit journey. I started off my morning with a healthy breakfast and lots of water. Now I’m going to put a pot on the stove for my tea and figure out what to make for lunch. Hummus and cucumbers? Hrm…

My fitspo for the day, found via Reddit. Dayum! I need her abs and arms.