Ugh. Again.

Weight loss has been slow coming. Today–fingers crossed–will be the first time I’ve exercised in many weeks. I’ve been lazy. I would like to say that I’ve been too busy, but who really is unable to spare 30 minutes of their day to go jogging? Like, really? I’ve been lazy.

I have no scale. I also have no tape measure, so I am unable to log anything with real certainty, which I am somewhat relieved for. Numbers drive me crazy. I also become obsessive. No numbers for me.

I suppose I’ll do a photo log, starting today. Another start. Hahahaha! Seriously, I wonder how many starts I will have to do before I really stick to it. Hopefully, this is the one that sticks.

Anyway, judging by my clothes, I need to lose a few inches around my waist before I can fit properly into my winter coats. I also need to lose a bit on my thighs and rear in order to make my pants fit as well.

My current goal is to just fit into my clothing. My size 8 clothing, which basically means I need to lose about 8 dress sizes. I believe I am a 16 US. Pant size is about 14US, and torso around 16US. So yeah…gotta drop those sizes. It’s funny to think that only a 9 months ago I was a size 8. Whelp. I’ve done this weight loss before, I will do it again.

Meh. I’m starting keto again, but may lean more towards a paleo diet because of budget, though. I will say that my last bout with keto resulted in some rather quick weight loss. I’m looking forward to that.  Anyway, my goal is to have 30 net carbs a day or less, aiming for 20 net carbs. I will focus better this time on getting in my fats, as I seem to suck at doing so. And today I am going running…as I ate many-a-carb this morning for breakfast–I got up too late to make anything healthy, so McDonald’s it was…and McDonald’s no more.

Well, here’s to yet another beginning.