Polska Kielbasa stuffed with mustard and sauerkraut

sausage and soup

Polska Kielbasa stuffed with mustard and sauerkraut, wrapped with two slices of bacon and ¬†with a vegetable soup on the side! ūüėÄ


Day three check in

Yeah…my update for today. Wednesday is normally going out night. I’m not sure how to handle it calorie-wise. I feel like I did okay.

I was thinking about doing another workout when I get home tonight, but I have a feeling that may be overkill. I’m a little sleepy. >_>




My lunch for today!


I had a pretty delicious lunch! I probably won’t post every single meal I eat in the future, but I certainly will document when I have the time.

I’ll start off with the tea. I love tea. It is so much easier to drink than coffee, there’s no need for sugar and there are so many types of tea. Normally by this time ¬†of the day, I’ve probably gone through about 4cups of tea and starting on 5 and 6. I get bored with drinking water, so tea allows me to drink water almost to an excess. By the end of the day, I would say I normally have about 10-12 cups of water/tea. Yes, I visit the toilet a lot. That said, I do feel healthier when I drink a lot of liquids than when I do not. The tea I had paired with my lunch today was a pomegranate white tea. I bought this variety of tea from the grocery store already bagged. While I’m a big fan of loose leaf tea, there is certainly a great deal of¬†convenience¬†that comes with bagged tea. Anyway, white tea¬†seeps¬†very quickly and you don’t want to pour boiling water over white tea. It’ll end up too dark–my tea is almost too dark.¬†When you make it, you should allow the boiled water (in the kettle) to sit for a bit. THEN pour it over your tea leaves. Let the tea sit for about one to two minutes then take the leaves out. Easy. Pomegranate white tea is nice because I don’t feel the need to add any sweetener, as it already has a bit of sweetness on its own.

Moving on! I made a fruit smoothie on the side. I used a pre-packaged frozen fruit assortment. I honestly don’t care what fruit is in my smoothies. I just grab whatever and blend. Anyway, I put about a cup of frozen fruit in the blender. I used a fruit concentrate juice mix (about a cup) as the paired liquid. Normally I would use apple juice, but that was finished off yesterday. I also added a bit of crushed vitamins. Blended it all up. Booyah. Fruit smoothie. I poured myself about 8oz of the smoothie and gave the rest away to family.

As I mentioned in my first post, I wanted cucumbers and hummus. So I made it. I don’t peel the whole cucumber, as I like the skin. Half is peeled, the other half is not. I sliced it up and took about half the cucumber for myself and the rest was for family.

The hummus I use Sabra’s Sun Dried Tomato Hummus. It’s gluten-free and tastes amazing. I have yet to have a homemade version of hummus, because I haven’t had the time. This brand (Sabra) is super good. I loved the spices and tomato in it. Plain hummus is good and all, but extra flavoring hits the spot.

I also added a half slice of pita bread.

Voila! My lunch.