Ugh. Again.

Weight loss has been slow coming. Today–fingers crossed–will be the first time I’ve exercised in many weeks. I’ve been lazy. I would like to say that I’ve been too busy, but who really is unable to spare 30 minutes of their day to go jogging? Like, really? I’ve been lazy.

I have no scale. I also have no tape measure, so I am unable to log anything with real certainty, which I am somewhat relieved for. Numbers drive me crazy. I also become obsessive. No numbers for me.

I suppose I’ll do a photo log, starting today. Another start. Hahahaha! Seriously, I wonder how many starts I will have to do before I really stick to it. Hopefully, this is the one that sticks.

Anyway, judging by my clothes, I need to lose a few inches around my waist before I can fit properly into my winter coats. I also need to lose a bit on my thighs and rear in order to make my pants fit as well.

My current goal is to just fit into my clothing. My size 8 clothing, which basically means I need to lose about 8 dress sizes. I believe I am a 16 US. Pant size is about 14US, and torso around 16US. So yeah…gotta drop those sizes. It’s funny to think that only a 9 months ago I was a size 8. Whelp. I’ve done this weight loss before, I will do it again.

Meh. I’m starting keto again, but may lean more towards a paleo diet because of budget, though. I will say that my last bout with keto resulted in some rather quick weight loss. I’m looking forward to that.  Anyway, my goal is to have 30 net carbs a day or less, aiming for 20 net carbs. I will focus better this time on getting in my fats, as I seem to suck at doing so. And today I am going running…as I ate many-a-carb this morning for breakfast–I got up too late to make anything healthy, so McDonald’s it was…and McDonald’s no more.

Well, here’s to yet another beginning.


Day 4 check in

Today was terrible. I didn’t get a chance to exercise at all today. I came home from work and school and bam! Wedding stuff. Wedding events are so stressful when it comes to food. I had no idea that I was going to eat out with the wedding party today. I ate too much. And now I feel sick. And I will not be doing that again. I had my own dinner planned and everything.

I dunno how I’m going to get through the actual ceremony and party tomorrow.

Here’s my crappy check in.




So! Day One

So. My weight as of yesterday was 186.7. My goal is to get that down as soon as possible. Yesterday, I planned out a calorie limit and burn goal. Today I started it. I’m keeping my calories at around 1200 a day with a goal to burn at least 800 calories a day. This is so hard in a house that loves to make sweets every other day. >_< There was apple crisp today. It was around 300 cal per serving. I gave in and took two spoonfuls of it, which about a little less than half a serving. Anyway, I’ll put my records up daily for accountability reasons. I have used My Fitness Pal for about a year. It is far more robust than any other app or website I’ve used before to track my progress. I’ve found that I tend to do better with sticking to my plans when I record it down somewhere.

I didn’t meet my exercise goal today, but I will tomorrow.

My dinner was amazing, though. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

We made fish tacos, which is under the foil off in the top right corner of the first picture. Grilled up some Halibut and Salmon–bam, delicious food. On the side, we made black rice. My Salmon taco was wrapped in cabbage, topped with hot salsa, tomato, green onion and cilantro.

It was delicious. I would have gone for seconds, but I was already at my calorie limit for the day. Tip: drink hot tea and water with your food and you’ll be set. It helps me get that feeling of fullness that my brain won’t give on its own.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll just leave you with the sinful fondue-style food I ate yesterday and will probably not eat for a very long time. Awesome stuff at The Melting Pot. I definitely recommend the food if you’re willing to unbutton your pants before the night’s over…and have a great deal of extra cash in your wallet.