Sunday was the worst–in terms of food. I was debating writing about this earlier and about who may read it, but I don’t care. I’ll just do it anyway.

My family had a get-together to celebrate my birthday and we had fry bread. Those of you who do not know what fry bread is, it is basically a gift from the gods. It’s addicting. It’s like a scone, but not as hard. You can make tacos out of them, cover them in honey,  pb&j, yada yada. I stopped making them for friends because it takes a whole day with making the meal and bread and everything…it’s just tiring and everyone wanted fry bread all the time. It’s good tasting, but tiring to make. So I’m done making them. Anyway, it’s super high carb, as it is mainly white/wheat/corn flour with water. A few weeks ago, I specifically asked my cousin who was in charge of this event to make sure it is low carb and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert/my birthday cake. But no, it was fry bread. Essentially this meant I couldn’t eat anything but whatever meat was being made and lettuce.

On top of my severe lactose-intolerance, we also have people in my family who are celiac. So I decided to make a low carb, gluten-free version of fry bread. It turned out to be around a carb per serving, but definitely not like traditional fry bread. My bread was 100% experiment, as I have never made a low carb bread in my life. Gluten-free, sure. Low carb, no. It was…an experience. I basically made a very thick flax-seed pancake.

Here’s my recipe that I imputed to MyFitnessPal:


The bread broke very easily, tasted very much like flax-seed (which I loved, but much of my family did not enjoy), and filled me up quickly. I probably will not make this again, as I really was only craving the fry bread and this did not save me from the craving. It just made me full and worry about my ketosis. I had two and half servings of this and I basically couldn’t eat anymore.

There was no low carb option for my “cake”, so I didn’t have any. And some of my family members made snarky comments about me not eating any. Well, guess what? I’m not eating that shit. The end. I knew I should have made little cheesecakes for myself, but I assumed too much. Meh. I liked the family, gifts and laughing, but I definitely was not happy about the food. I was, however, still where I needed to be at with carbs by the end of the day–even if how I got there wasn’t the best.

And then I couldn’t even go to a movie night at a cine-bar for a group thing because it started snowing. And it’s still snowing.


So! Day One

So. My weight as of yesterday was 186.7. My goal is to get that down as soon as possible. Yesterday, I planned out a calorie limit and burn goal. Today I started it. I’m keeping my calories at around 1200 a day with a goal to burn at least 800 calories a day. This is so hard in a house that loves to make sweets every other day. >_< There was apple crisp today. It was around 300 cal per serving. I gave in and took two spoonfuls of it, which about a little less than half a serving. Anyway, I’ll put my records up daily for accountability reasons. I have used My Fitness Pal for about a year. It is far more robust than any other app or website I’ve used before to track my progress. I’ve found that I tend to do better with sticking to my plans when I record it down somewhere.

I didn’t meet my exercise goal today, but I will tomorrow.

My dinner was amazing, though. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

We made fish tacos, which is under the foil off in the top right corner of the first picture. Grilled up some Halibut and Salmon–bam, delicious food. On the side, we made black rice. My Salmon taco was wrapped in cabbage, topped with hot salsa, tomato, green onion and cilantro.

It was delicious. I would have gone for seconds, but I was already at my calorie limit for the day. Tip: drink hot tea and water with your food and you’ll be set. It helps me get that feeling of fullness that my brain won’t give on its own.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll just leave you with the sinful fondue-style food I ate yesterday and will probably not eat for a very long time. Awesome stuff at The Melting Pot. I definitely recommend the food if you’re willing to unbutton your pants before the night’s over…and have a great deal of extra cash in your wallet.