Sup. It’s keto time.

I’m getting back on track after the huge holiday  binge-fest. I seriously need to figure out how to do holidays without eating so much.

I have been doing keto since this past Sunday. I don’t believe I really explained what a ketogenic diet is. Most people know keto through the South Beach diet or the Atkins’s diet. Unlike those styles of eating, the ketogenic diet I am on is high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein. Some people have approached a keto-styled diet with low-carb, low-fat, high-protein…and that actually can be harmful some people who have already have preexisting kidney problems and can cause some nutrition deficiencies. And I believe some people just confuse ketotsis with keto acidosis, which is not what you want happening to your body.

Anyway, the advantages to a ketogenic diet is that I’m replacing the calories that come from carbs normally with fats instead. This carb replacement with fat manages insulin spikes and blood sugar spikes that come with eating carbs that also hinders weight loss in general.

“Insulin is one of the most important aspects of your body that a Ketogenic diet focuses on. It is a hormone secreted by the pancreas that regulates the metabolism of fat and carbs, specifically in the blood. Its main job is to regulate the distribution of energy to the cells of the body from fat storage. Its other job is to regulate blood sugar by producing lipoproteins (or fat proteins) that act as a bailiff for your blood stream and imprison the fat cell into your body once the glucose has been converted to fat. As you eat carbohydrates, the body must produce more insulin to keep up with ramped levels of glucose in the body and eventually your body begins to resist insulin which eventually leads to type 2 diabetes.

When you eat less carbs, less insulin is required to patrol your bloodstream and regulate your blood sugar. This means, simply, less fat storage as a result.”  Taken from r/keto wiki info page.

And here is a bit more information about how carbs effect your insulin levels, taken from Sizzlechest’s post in a SomethingAwful’s thread:

From the article, “Good Calories, Bad Calories: What Really Makes Us Fat?” by Gary Taubes:

“As it turns out, every hormone in our body works to release fat from our fat tissue, with the singular exception of insulin, which works to put it there. [He neglected ASP -Sizzlechest] And insulin levels in our blood are determined primarily by the carbohydrate content of our diet. The more carbohydrates we consume, and the easier they are to digest, the higher our insulin. Insulin tells our fat tissue to accumulate fat. So long as insulin levels remain elevated, fat is locked in the fat tissue and can’t escape.”

“After a meal is digested, insulin levels should decline. When this happens, fat is released from the fat tissue in the form of fatty acids and these are then burned in cells for fuel. For this reason, another necessary requirement for remaining lean is to have lengthy periods during which insulin levels are low and we burn our fat for fuel. When insulin levels remain elevated, fat can’t escape from the fat tissue. It goes in, but it doesn’t come out, and we can’t use it for energy. A meal without carbohydrates is a meal that doesn’t stimulate any significant insulin secretion. You store very few, if any, calories as fat, and you get plenty of opportunity to burn the fat you had stored.”

I actually gained quite a bit more weight since my last check in. I only know this because I was donating plasma for a bit and they have to weigh you every time you go in. Sure, I was wearing heavy winter clothes when I got weight, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve breached the 200lbs mark. And no clothes I was wearing at the time weighed ten pounds. Maybe three at the most. Because of the extra weight gain since my last check up, I’m genuinely worried about my health. I weigh more than I did in high school. And it’s crazy to think that just one year ago and was 10lbs away from my goal weight–130lbs. At 5’4″, I shouldn’t be weighing as much as I do. I don’t fit my “fat day” clothes anymore, so something needs to change for real. I’m done with falling off the wagon for months at a time.

My quick physicals from doing plasma donation says that my blood pressure is where it is supposed to be: normal. I don’t have hypertension or pre-hypertension. My blood pressure has never been above normal, but I don’t want to risk that, especially considering my weight, poor diet lately and lack of exercise.

As for my keto plan, I am eating 65/30/5 ratio of fats/proteins/carbs. Better explained, 65% of my food intake for the day will be fats, 30% is protein and 5% is carbs. My carbs will mostly come from vegetables and fruits. Eventually I would like to bring in more very-low carb breads made from flax, coconut and almond flours again, but I haven’t had much time lately to make bread. I probably will starting next weekend…or maybe later today.

Check ins via MyFitnessPal, will probably happen weekly, as work and school are way too time consuming. Below are my week’s food stuffs up until today, which I will post this evening. Also, my calories that are closer to 1200 are on days that I didn’t get to exercise. And if the daily goal is higher than the 1470 goal, it’s because I did exercise, but I will still attempt to maintain the original goal. Oh,  MyFitnessPal also has a Chrome extension on it that shows my net carbs (total carbs-fiber) to give me a more accurate idea of how much carbs I’m taking in a day. You can find the Chrome extension here. It’s not through the Chrome store, so just follow the instructions on the page.

Anyway, here’s to my awesome first week. I will eventually start posting recipes that I’ve been using and also the online resources I use for keto. Keep Calm and Keto On, loves~

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This is my loving body repost of the day! I just have one thing to say: no matter what size you are, have fun dressing up and looking fabulous.
I may be plus-sized now, but I look damn good. Also, Pinup Girl Clothing has amazing clothes. I bought my one-piece there and I look like a sexy lady in it–fat or not fat.

:< I need to save up money so I can buy some of those dresses.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

This is a subject I have touched on before in this post but it is one that still bothers me!

It seems that fashion magazines like to ignore the larger ladies among us, and when they do suddenly notice us (I mean, how can they miss us?!) they throw us some useless piece of advice that basically tells us “You’re fat, cover it up in this vast dress.”

Well I am one big girl who refuses to follow those ‘fashion rules’. I believe in dressing to your strengths – and only you know what your strengths are. Yes people can tell you your legs are wonderful, but if you prefer to flaunt your cleavage and cover the legs then that’s your choice and your strength. Being larger does not mean you can’t pull off all sorts of looks. And just to show you that, here are some of my latest…

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Yeah buddy!

I just felt like doing a quick tip for those of us who are attending university and need a place to work out. Many university have their own gyms. True story. And many universities include a gym membership with semester/quarter tuition. My uni also offers memberships to staff, guests, children, family and significant others for a fairly decent price. A significant other (student value) membership is around $30 per semester. Four months of an awesome, well-kept gym for around seven dollars a month. BAM! That’s pretty freaking awesome.

My campus also offers exercise classes and training. We also offer equipment rentals, clubs, personal training and child care. So…there really is no excuse to not exercise if your school offers a gym membership on mine. If you’re already on campus, you can kill thirty minutes weight lifting or on a treadmill.

And if you can’t do that, ride a bike around campus. Problem solved.


I’m finally finished with school. I spent the past few days going out and sleeping. BUT now back to blogging. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the easiest way to get your tea drinking on.


So these are the finished product of my tea bottles. Put them in the fridge or leave them on the counter, pour a glass, drink and enjoy.

These bottles came from organic lemonade from Smith’s Food and Drug (also known as QFC and Fred Meyer). They can be found at heath food stores as well. At my Smith’s, they’ve been on sale for 4 for $5. That’s crazy good because at some health stores, they were a bit more. Like two something for a bottle.


  <<<<  They come in a lot of different flavors. My favorite is a mango lemonade. Oh my, heaven on earth.

I drink the lemonade, remove the label and wash the bottles. Then I use them for nifty containers for my tea. I use two bags of tea per container.

As a safety warning, don’t touch the glass after you pour the hot water in. You’ll burn yourself. In my eagerness to transport the tea around the kitchen, I’ve grabbed the glass full on a few times. It’s not fun. Just pour it and let it cool with the tea bags inside. For added safety, warm the bottles before you pour the hot water in. If you’re worried about cracked glass, this should help out. I haven’t had any problems with pouring at room temperature, though.

I love my tea strong, so I’ll leave the bags in overnight or for a few hours. My herb, matte and black teas turn out pretty well this way.


Insanity Fit Test


For those of you who do not know what this is, I’ll tell you. This is Insanity. And it literally is insane. Exercise videos are super convenient for me as a student because I don’t always have the time to drive down to the gym. My house has a decent size home gym and padded flooring, so I can do hard workouts from home. Insanity is in the same family of p90x and Jillian Michael’s at home training. The down side to these videos is that no one is pushing you but yourself. The good side is that you can do it in the privacy of your home.

I did about 30, maybe forty days of the p90x routine last summer before my routine was interrupted by family events and whatnot. I loved it. p90x was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. It is worth the money if you dedicate the time to sticking with it. Insanity is a product  of the same company (BeachBody). I took the fit test on July 16 and haven’t touched the videos since because of school finals. :/ So, I’m going to hit that video series up again.

The concept of Insanity is that you’re doing the reverse of interval training. Interval training involves you working out for a moderate pace and then for about 30 sec to 2 minutes, you go at it real hard and intense, rinse and repeat. Insanity flips that. You are working out real hard for a few minutes and have a very short breather, then go at it again.

My experience with the fit test makes me believe that this video training series would be excellent for people building up cardio and strength–particularly strength. I’m going to try the first video today and see how my body feels with it. Nervous, but it should be interesting.

Here my results of my first fit test. I will note that I did take this test after a two-hour session of Krav Maga. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but whatever. The scores are not great, but I can only improve.

Switch Kicks: 30 reps

Power Jacks: 24

Power Knees: 54

Power Jumps: 10

Globe Jumps: 4 reps

Suicide Jumps: 2  (ugh. I need to work on those)

Push-up Jacks: 0 (at least it’s not negative one, right?)

Low Plank Oblique: 30 total